Fuzible in a few words

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Fuzible is an easy-to-use highly versatile tool that is meant for software developers with an affinity for SQL.

It’s built around the idea that any data source is a database : you can manipulate any file, any webservice, any database, any mailbox by querying it using standard SQL-92 language.

I’m Guillaume, a software engineer and data scientist. I have worked for several companies, and observed that most of the recurring (and boring) tasks could be executed drastically faster. This is why I started building an application that was meant to be the fastest “all-in-one” tool for any data manipulation, comparison, extraction, importation, synchronization.

Some use cases :

  • Data Replication (data copy)
  • Data Synchronization (smart data comparison)
  • Software interfacing (ex : get data from a SaaS software webservice and send it to another sofware that consumes XML files)
  • Data migration from an SQL database to another one (even with different providers)
  • Fast Data Extraction (ex : SQL to CSV)
  • Fast Data Importation (ex : EXCEL to SQL)
  • Data Comparison (ex : check data integrity between 2 databases)
  • Realtime Data Join from multiple (and non-related) sources
  • Datawarehouse completion (ex : importing a file into an SQL database will is fully automatized, from data analysis to table creation)
  • Production to pre-production environments synchronisation

Supported Data Sources and Targets :

  • Databases : MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres, SQL Server, MongoDB, SQLite, Oracle, Access, ODBC
  • Files : CSV, Excel, XML, JSON
  • Rest API’s
  • Active Directory
  • Mailboxes

What’s included :

  • A dev-oriented application that allows you to create your Jobs as fast as possible. It’s meant to be as powerful and tweakable as possible, covering any need you could have. It’s the result of hundreds of use cases that I’ve had to deal with in the companies I’ve worked in.
  • A lightweight client application that allows any user in your company to remotely launch a Job
  • A full-featured Orchestration system to schedule your Jobs
  • Tutorials and demo Jobs to explores all of the Fuzible features
  • The free version allows you to create up to 5 Jobs

Fuzible in 5 minutes :

French Version
English Version