Launch Date

2020 has been a crazy year, and I have been working on this application for the last 3 years. It’s now nearly ready to be launched.

Fuzible will be released in February 2021, first with the free downloadable version.

The commercial version will be launched a couple of weeks later.

Requirements :

  • Windows OS (64 bits)
  • A few available Mb on your hard drive
  • At least 8 go RAM
  • Multi-cores CPU

It can be installed on your personal machine, but if you’re deploying it in a company, it’s better to run it from a dedicated server : the application is also multi-user. It means that any connected user can create and share his own Jobs.

I’ve decided to launch first the free version to let people discover the software ; In the meantime, I’ll figure out all the commercial and legal stuff.

The free version is full-featured, you just can’t create more than 5 jobs.

Fuzible is actually being used and tested in 2 large-scale companies, and I’m working on the last “details” :

  • Debug
  • Webservices (Registration, OTA updates)
  • Installer
  • Website & Resources

Stay tuned !