Multi-Steps Jobs

Sometimes, a single Job can’t do the whole scenario you need to create. That’s the purpose of the “Multi-steps” feature.

It’s basically several Jobs put together in a precise order.

You can also change the order, attach or detach a Job in a multi-Job.

Exemple : You need to copy some data coming from different sources in your datawarehouse. A single Job can’t take data from 5 different databases. That’s why you can create a 5 steps multi-Job. When you’ll launch the first step, the others will follow : you’ll then have filled your datawarehouse with data from 5 different sources !

The “Job selection” panel is always visible and allows you to jump from one step to another, and create new steps. They behave as a normal Job, they just are attached to a main one.
The “Job Organizer” menu.
You can set a Job as a sub-job (step), you can extract a sub-job to make it a single Job, you can re-order the steps in a multi-steps Job.