The “Multi-target” feature allows you to fill two targets in parallel.

Use cases :

  • Filling a Development database and a Pre-production database with data from the Production server.
  • Create both an XML and a CSV file with the same content
  • Change the Job Target on the fly

How does it works

First, write your query and right-click on it. The contextual menu appears :

The contextual menu where you can build a multi-target script.

It opens a menu, you can now configure your dual-target :

The dual-target query assistant menu

Then, the query will be automatically modified with the dual-target script :

The query, with its dual-target configuration

[12] and [1] are simply the connection ID’s : this means that the query will be processed for both targets in parallel.

Dynamic Target

If you have read about the Dynamic Parameters, you can now set a dynamic target configuration :

…with dynamic parameters :

This is when the Orchestration tool is useful : you can set different connections from one planification to another !