Lot of things happened behind the scenes during the last months. Collecting input from the user base, the sofware has been improved by adding new features, debugging.

Some highlights :

  • Ability to generate a comprehensive daily/weekly mail report that will show all of the jobs than have been launched and their status
  • New API features (called “templates”) that allows to simplify things (ie : like getting files from a Sharepoint folder)
  • Jobs can now be synchronized with GIT for trace purposes
  • Advanced scenarios with the use of pre-Job commands
  • Added Security password for each user

The screen captures and documentation from the website may miss some of the new features because it takes a lot of time to redo everything on each update. Try the software and drop me an e-mail, I’m always answering !

The software is still improving and used in a bunch of companies in Europe and United States.

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